Our highly trained Security Patrol Officers perform regular, non-predictive patrols suitable for a wide range of property types and areas.


Security Patrols are a shared resource that creates a highly effective security solution where the cost of a full time resource is simply not justified. They are designed to provide you with a high visibility deterrent to criminal activity not only to your property or facility, but in the area around it.


An escort to safeguard employees delivering or transporting high value goods? Whatever your requirement Arrow Guard Security can provide the level of dedicated protection and assistance for your needs.


Adding a security escort to a new or existing security patrol is a great way to protect your staff and secure your property and assets at their most vulnerable times.



Including a daily lock-up service for exterior doors, windows, gates and other entrances to your service means additional protection and value. Potentially saving you from costly, preventable thefts due to accidental security oversights and decreasing running costs if you would like lights, air-conditioning, or other utilities switched off and on.